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MAP kinase activity
ERK1, mitogen activated kinase activity, ATP:protein phosphotransferase (MAPKK-activated) activity, ERK, ERK2, MAPK, mitogen-activated protein kinase activity, MAP kinase 1 activity, MAP kinase 2 activity, MBP kinase I activity, MBP kinase II activity, SAP kinase activity, SAPK, extracellular signal-regulated kinase activity, myelin basic protein kinase activity, stress-activated kinase activity, stress-activated protein kinase activity
Alternate IDs
GO:0008338, GO:0008339, GO:0016908, GO:0016909
Catalysis of the reaction: protein + ATP = protein phosphate + ADP. This reaction is the phosphorylation of proteins. Mitogen-activated protein kinase; a family of protein kinases that perform a crucial step in relaying signals from the plasma membrane to the nucleus. They are activated by a wide range of proliferation- or differentiation-inducing signals; activation is strong with agonists such as polypeptide growth factors and tumor-promoting phorbol esters, but weak (in most cell backgrounds) by stress stimuli. Source: ISBN:0198547684, GOC:ma
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Parents of MAP kinase activity (GO:0004707)
subject[Reorder by subject] relation[Reorder by relation] object[Reorder by object]
MAP kinase activity [BFO:0000050 relation] BFO:0000050  MAPK cascade (GO:0000165)
MAP kinase activity [is_a relation] is_a  protein serine/threonine kinase activity (GO:0004674)
Children of MAP kinase activity (GO:0004707)
subject[Reorder by subject] relation[Reorder by relation] object[Reorder by object]
regulation of MAP kinase activity (GO:0043405) [RO:0002211 relation] RO:0002211  MAP kinase activity
positive regulation of MAP kinase activity (GO:0043406) [RO:0002213 relation] RO:0002213  MAP kinase activity
JUN kinase activity (GO:0004705) [is_a relation] is_a  MAP kinase activity
negative regulation of MAP kinase activity (GO:0043407) [RO:0002212 relation] RO:0002212  MAP kinase activity