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REPL (read, evaluate, and print loop) environments are ideal for prototyping, exploring, and learning.

This REPL environment for the Gene Ontology GOlr data using BBOP JS makes use of the a simplified environment described here. The cost of this easier environment is that some things are now a little bit more GO-specific (but don't worry, you still have access to the full stack).

The current online beta API documentation can be found here.

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Example interactions scraped from the wiki sessions example page

Enitities already defined in the REPL environment
dump (function)
An alias for bbop.dump.
what_is (function)
An alias for bbop.what_is.
ll (function)
Write something to the log console.
gserv (string
The URL location of our GOlr server.
gconf (object)
An instance of bbop.golr.conf.
go (object)
An instance of bbop.golr.manager.jquery. When data is retrieved using this manager, the return response is automatically generated and put into the variable "data" (see the next item).
data (object)
Usually an instance of bbop.golr.response. See above.
go.gaf_url (function)
Return a URL for a psuedo GAF file given the current filters.
go.doc_type (function)
Set the "document_type" to filter one time (a thin wrapper for bbop.golr.manager.add_query_filter).
empty (function)
Empty an HTML div of its contents. See examples.
append (function)
Append HTML contents to a given div. See examples.
REPL addressable divs
<div id="div1">
<div id="div2">
<div id="div3">